Introducing the Droid Dashcam, your ultimate driving companion. This sleek, compact device offers high-definition video recording with a wide-angle lens, ensuring that every moment on the road is captured with clarity. Its advanced features include loop recording, G-sensor technology, and automatic file locking, providing peace of mind and security during your travels. The Droid Dashcam is also equipped with a built-in GPS system, allowing you to track your route and speed. With easy installation and intuitive operation, this dashcam is an essential addition to any vehicle, ensuring safety and accountability on the road.

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Droid Dashcam Reviews

Overall, this app is a must have on your phone, the GPS is very accurate and the display you can actually set it to landscape or portrait as you may need it. I've been using this app for a long time and it has never gone down or frozen on me. (EDIT) Ok, I've just finished reading a lot of the not so good reviews, honestly it just ridiculous because most of the complaints I read are so irrelevant to the app itself, if you don't want ads, donate, & plz read all the settings B4 you post. 😡

I love the subtitle overlay of this app and choosing which of my phone's cameras to use, but the app misses the following: No white balance control. Cameras are all bad at handling white balance on their own. 6500k day, 4000k night, auto at twilight. You can't save settings; switching lenses sends expo comp, frame rate, & scene mode to defaults. No dashcam could have continuous autofocus; infinity focus can be soft. Should allow a tap to focus before you hit record.

App records just fine, but the speedometer is useless. Just goes from 4 mph to 6 mph back and forth. Saving a locked video is impossible to locate in actual folder, have to use the app to locate locked videos. Does have good features and records in background. Will still continue to use, but the speedometer needs to actually function. Using Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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