Drift Zone 2 is an exhilarating racing game that will test your drifting skills to the limit. With its realistic physics and stunning graphics, you’ll feel like you’re really behind the wheel of a high-performance car. Take on challenging tracks and compete against other racers in intense multiplayer battles. Customize your car with a wide range of upgrades and show off your style with unique paint jobs and decals. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore racing enthusiast, Drift Zone 2 has something for everyone. Get ready to unleash your inner drift king!

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The best thing this game has going for it is it's graphics. Gameplay feels so uninspired. Controls r weird. Drifting physics r not good Car slides around too much even after constantly adjusting controls. Lvls r really short like 30-40 secs long literally which is another good reason why it's boring. Even on freeroam there's like a 3 min time limit. Which defeats the whole purpose of freeroam to begin with. Not wasting any more time. There's definitely much better drifting games out there.

This a good game starting with the positives, the graphics is absolutely stunning, the cars and the modifications are also cool But you should add more cars and tracks. Control is a bit hard you should add a control layout whereby the left steer button will be on the far left and right steer button at the far right not putting all the steer buttons on the left side. Lastly you need to put more camera views not the one on the game manually adjusted i think adding a cockpit. Go for it✊✊

This game has got brilliant graphics. The car models are as close as possible to the real cars. The physics. All its missing is mount passes and tracks. The modifying the car options needs more added to each car make as well as more more cars. Old cars and new. Thanks

I finish the game quickly and its getting boring but it still have the best graphics and lighting the problem is the game you can easily finish it in 3 days for me but it will be more interesting if you change your way into race if not why would you combined it like race and drifting game and another one is our car that we can customize all of it into small part to bigger parts and we can buy our own engines or anything can boost up our car just add it in the game and add new vinyls thats all:)

Hey love the game but needs a few updates here are my suggestions, better controls that you can adjust in size. the buttons are too small and its irrerating. make the manual placeable whereever. make different maps I recommend hills like Tokyo drift. custom decals with text. that's all expect more cars i recommend the ae86 and honda prelude

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Keep calm and drift! The most stylish side ways drift race you have ever seen. Minor Fixes

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