Dreamare is a whimsical online platform that allows users to create their own virtual dream worlds. With endless customization options, users can design and populate their dreamscapes with stunning visuals and interactive elements. From serene nature scenes to bustling cityscapes, Dreamare lets your imagination run wild. Plus, you can invite friends to explore your dreams together, creating a shared experience unlike any other. Whether you’re a seasoned dream creator or new to the world of virtual reality, Dreamare offers the perfect escape to a world limited only by your imagination.

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txd9WiMR745December 5, 2023
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dR7jS3XZ2997January 3, 2024
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MP1vtpdCqE541December 15, 2023

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It was... A very boring game. The mechanics were kind of slow and buggy which made the experience all the more exhausting and dull. I didn't even get to finish it because I immediatly got tired of it. But I must admit that the artstyle was very neat and pretty. I'll give it that...

I am disappointed. I really want to play this but the controls suck! Please let the player decide if they want to swipe or use a dpad. Has the potential to be a really cute game Too. If you add this feature I will be the first to download!

game is decent, but controls are delayed which causes the need to be perfect with your timing. overall liking the game.

It looks pretty but the controls to walk, jump etc are very frustrating to use. They have a lot of lag.

It's is a good game I just hate that once you get over the obstacles and you die after you have to restart it

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Get into a magical journey! - Checkpoints Added.
- Improved Game Controls.

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