Dragons: Titan Uprising is a famous 3-in-a-row puzzle game with original design based on the famous cartoon How to Train Your Dragon. Line up precious stones, trying to match three, four, and five in a row, and you will have a powerful weapon to fight your enemies.

And there will be enemies, be calm: a lot of vicious non-tamable lizards. Hiccup and Toothless scout the surrounding islands and dungeons in search of dragon eggs to tame new dragons! As a result, there will be more than a hundred species! And the developers have prepared 750 battles in general! And the bosses take not the last place there.

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yqbjMiWhOS0 March 8, 2023 944
EIvdcsRTpW1i March 22, 2023 839
d4l7hgNBxO March 30, 2023 285
saMfKWFRocZ February 27, 2023 442
fS4bQ3CrHy9 February 18, 2023 297

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A pretty decent game! I'm just having an issue at the moment that is honestly really frustrating. Every time I switch to a different app for a moment, or even turn my screen off and come back, the game restarts itself. This seems to be a new issue and has honestly caused a decent amount of frustration and has lost me a lot of energy, including alpha energy. That's really the only issue though, otherwise the game is really fun! A bit challenging to level up and get more dragons, but I don't mind

The devs have made several improvements to the game. I, myself, don't care for changes in a game, unless they correct errors & glitches. For instance, I need 3* scales to upgrade my 5* dragons, and they were accessible at a slow pace. Recently a change has been made that makes it much more difficult to obtain. Also, working on a problem with my subscription; the price of the subscription has been removed 2x in each month. Support is active and helpful, as always. A good game. I recommend it.

I really enjoy these kinds of games. Always room for improvement though. Its very slow if trying to press buttons, pick teams, or level up. just takes 5 or 6 times before my option selects. Maybe add extra content. Seemed like a lot to do at first and It was fun for awhile but seems to have come to a stop. It is very hard and time consuming to level up. Not saying its a bad thing but its just excessive only having one level to grind on for eggs and such. Still a great game, keep at it!

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Join Toothless and Hiccup for a Dragons Match 3 Puzzle RPG! - Bug fixes and optimizations for a smoother experience.

Name Dragons: Titan Uprising
Version 1.25.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (99343 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 29, 2023
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