Drag racing is an exciting motorsport that tests the speed and power of vehicles. Participants line up their cars at a starting line and then race in a straight line to reach the finish line as fast as possible. The thrill of drag racing lies in the incredible acceleration and the adrenaline rush experienced by both drivers and spectators. Many different categories of cars can compete in drag racing, including street cars, motorcycles, and purpose-built race cars. It’s a thrilling spectacle for fans of fast cars and intense competition.

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The challenge events are extremely annoying, the friends feature doesn't work most of the time, they got rid of tge bugatti so there's no AWD cars to take down the lvl 10 boss anymore, and world records are held by cheaters. It used to be a great simple game but since they added the chips system and events, it's been so annoying. You'll be forced to use lvl 6 to 9 on events, and constantly go against cars that are lvl 1 to lvl 3 or 4! Then you only get like 6 to 10 points, or even loose points.

Great game. Played it some years back and just decided to try it out again and it's only getting better but a few problems. Doing the daily challenges for the crates the 45 total secs of burnout will never work. The time stays at zero and trying to watch ads doesn't help when it pops up over and over. Also doing the 4x4 challenges for crates will only let me use trucks but I have to race high end sports cars I can't use? Not exactly a far challenge is it?!

Without a doubt the worst drag racing game. Rigged AI cars can reach higher levels than you can upgrade yours to. The car list is small and ridiculously lacking new cars. Horrible graffics. The greedy devolpers put a chips system in that makes it nearly impossible to get the good cars without spending. It can be done but you have to have no life and it still takes weeks just to buy and modify one high lvl car. They put in absolutely no effort and try to force you to spend. Do not download.

It's an ok game, frustrating with certain parts and gets kinda boring fast. Not once since I've been playing it has the Rewardx5 option worked. So you end up watching ads for no reason. There also is no information that assist you in gear adjustment and when you do adjust them they dont react as expected. The "tutorial" only tells you the obvious info and doesnt actually help you play the game. When you buy a mod for a car and then decide to remove it you dont get the money back or even get to keep the purchases. But there are in game missions where you have to only have certain parts to complete them so it forces you to have multiple versions of the same car or even forces you to go backwards just to advance. It very quickly kills the desire to advance in the game because at any moment it could all have been for nothing.

I've been playing this game for years and just decided to rate it. It's a good drag racing game with customizable gears (1 thru 4, 5 or 6) for manual transmissions & (1 thru overdrive) on automatics. Winning money to buy upgrades is easy, it's earning respect points that takes a little time for body, tire & engine mods. I just don't like how unrealistic some of the older muscle cars respond to engine mods and times on quarter mile times. I grew up building late 60s & built a 396 70 Chevelle SS.

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Offline and 1v1 drag racing, car tuning & styling. - Resolved an issue within the Google Play billing library.
- Updated Android target API to level 33.

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