Draconian: Action Platformer 2D is an exciting action game with platforming elements in which you will be transported to an amazing fantasy world inhabited by magical creatures. Take control of a hero and fight numerous enemies: orcs, dark mages, trolls. Find secret chests with valuable contents, improve your combat skills and special abilities of your character to survive in battles against powerful bosses. The game pleases with pleasant pixel graphics, old-school gameplay, high-quality hand-made animation, colorful locations and a fascinating storyline.

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DC68iPhRsco December 6, 2022 152
vIhjSWg6T0B2 January 9, 2023 903
7cZBGKpNjv January 10, 2023 612
YPEOVxoXt6d January 21, 2023 549
XldoqgE2tCh December 2, 2022 262

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Gotta say that the animations are very smooth, executions look great and the game is just fun! I found a couple of bugs though so I would appreciate if you fix them when you have time. First bug: if you jump on top of the chest at level 3 and use your dive move you completely get stuck. Second bug: Not exactly sure what I did but I somehow clipped through the door while fighting the first boss I assume and I couldn't kill him so I had to restart the level. That's about it. Thanks for reading!

I know I'm not the only one with this problem, but the only thing stopping this from being a great game is the controls. Sometimes the deaths feel cheap because of an unresponsive jump. The wall jumping kinda sucks, especially when being chased by those reaper things in the caves. I also don't like how I basically have to memorize the levels because of spike pits I dont know exist until I fall in them. Its an ok game, but too frustrating for my taste.

Very few games out there are able to captivate me with a gripping storyline and cool animation mechanics. I'd give more stars but the controls are wonky and the character becomes unresponsive in the worst moments. (Example: fighting a boss or in mid Jump). If controls were remade to smoother joystick and fixes unresponsive character I'll give more stars.

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-Data optimisations.

Name Draconian:Action Platformer 2D
Version 1.2.06
Price FREE
Rating 3.9 (2546 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 30, 2022
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