Dota Underlords is a popular strategy game that puts players in the shoes of a leader building their empire. With a vast array of heroes at your disposal, the goal is to create the perfect team and triumph over your opponents. The game offers a variety of modes, including offline and online play, as well as challenging battles against bots or real players. With regular updates and balance changes, Dota Underlords ensures a constantly evolving and engaging experience. So dive into this immersive world and prove your tactical prowess in the realm of Dota Underlords.

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It's the best. Best mobile game, autochess, free, etc. It is incredibly polished, with nearly infinite replay value. Play on the Hardcore XP against bots difficulty and you can pause the game and play turns as you have time. (just don't lock your device or it will disconnect) This game is the reason I got a tablet and I would do it again. I'd love if they would release new updates, but it is still amazing as it is. Cannot recommend highly enough.

My former rave review reads, "The lack of monetization confuses and delights me, and the game is great too!" However, no updates for two years from Valve to fix game-breaking bugs or rotate the hero selection, let alone add functionality to the complete but removed content that was supposed to have rotated back in means it's become stale and dull for new and old players alike. It's a shame, as the game format is excellent.

The graphics are beautiful regardless whether you are on the phone, or on the computer. The gameplay tutorial is straight forward, but lacking an in depth learning process concerning the different alliances and strategic gameplay. The game connects to steam which provide cross platform without an unfair advantage, and shared save data.

The game is beta and needs a lot of polishing. There is a fresh breath to the game with every update, the balance is being adjusted, new features and experiments, I like them! However, I should say that from the software perspective, this game needs a lot of optimizations, since it is laggy even on some mid and high-tier devices. It is not that devices lack performance, it is the game that is lagging. I hope this will get fixed soon.

I loved the game before the big update, now I cant play. Game freeze's with my underlord and first round creeps just standing there with no options to do anything. I was hoping the crash fixes released on the 24th would fix it, but alas it is not so. I will continue to try and play, but if it freezes every time I may have to uninstall. Update: Game works great, has minor lag issues later game but still very playable.

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