Doomsday Clicker is an addictive mobile game where players unleash chaos and destruction upon the world. As the supreme ruler of a post-apocalyptic society, you must tap your way to total annihilation. Build underground bunkers, tap on the screen to launch devastating weapons, and collect valuable resources to expand your empire. With quirky graphics and a darkly humorous tone, Doomsday Clicker offers a unique gaming experience. Can you become the ultimate destructor of civilization? Download the game now and find out!

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Update... after playing this game for a while there are quite a few bugs (multiplier watching commercials after being offline doesn't work, when upgrading rooms it sometimes reverts back to preupgrade numbers) and the game play drags (there is a point you can no longer progress). Still, 5 stars for creativity. The characters and music are excellent! If it wasn't for the game play issues I may have played this game forever. But, alas, it was not to be.

I enjoy the game but it's gotten incredibly buggy. It won't even load most of the time, when it does, it doesn't act right. When coming back after a few hours, the amount of money(?) Does not increase after watching the video. It also doesn't increase while using boosters, it does no good to watch videos of your looking to increase funds. I added the app to my iPhone and everything works fine, so it doesn't get along with Samsung it appears.

This is a decently fun idle game to play except for a few things. The game seems to freeze up quite a bit once you get into the super high numbers. Also a few of the achievements won't unlock, like anything involving the supercharger. I would also like for the developers to make a couple of new levels as it doesn't take long to open up the 5 levels.

Amount of ads is excessive. It is fun for a bit, but quickly you'll hit a spot where you need to throw your wallet at the game to be able to progress at all. I'm currently calculating a year for my next room upgrade (that's with the 7x login bonus), sure it's an idle game but this is ridiculous.

I really love this game, but after a certain point of progress it just crashes too much. With the first ten rooms open, I would be lucky to get past the loading screen, if it didn't crash on the loading screen. This might just be my bad-quality device, but please fix this! ok so I got a new phone and I'm going to try this game again, hopefully it works!

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Build and manage apocalyptic shelters. Push the red button to destroy the world! - Earn amazing rewards in the new live events feature.
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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