Dollar General Coupons, also known as DG Coupons, are a great way to save money on your everyday purchases. With DG Coupons, you can get incredible discounts on a wide range of products, including groceries, household items, beauty products, and more. Whether you shop at Dollar General regularly or just occasionally, using DG Coupons can help you stretch your budget further. Simply browse through the available coupons, clip them to your account, and redeem them at checkout for instant savings. Don’t miss out on the incredible deals offered through Dollar General Coupons!

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Dollar General Coupons – DG Codes

List of Dollar General Coupons – DG Codes

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IpgE3cLA457December 1, 2023
HOIbAr8c53261December 17, 2023
UIxOcNAfH327December 26, 2023
6ZXpIywUMc8441December 19, 2023
3OJlSi80Fy479December 28, 2023

How to Redeem Code?

  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Dollar General Coupons – DG Premium/Pro Account Free

THIS IS NOT THE LEGIT DG APP. I installed this for 2 minutes just to be able to write this. Please do not waste time or the space on your phone. This app is not ran by the actual DolGen Corp. Look a little harder and you'll be able to find the correct one. This app is full of ads and just seems to want personal information. There's no weekly sale paper. There's no shopping cart. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU NEED.

I haven't tried using these promo codes yet but so far, the coupons are significant and worth downloading this app for. I will update when I know more.

down loaded all my info, the app wouldn't approve the coupon discount that was marked below the product I was purchasing. If I hadn't needed the stuff I. wouldn't have purchased it . Cost me an extra $2.50 . I was pissed off.

The store said it's a fake app!!!! The people, including the manager, treated me like I was an insane person when I presented a coupon from this app. They said it was fake. If I could I would slap whoever created this fake app because I was embarrassed in the store, with a line of people forming behind me, and then my husband yelled at me the whole way home because it embarrassed him that I was trying to use a fake app.

This is not an official DG app, there's only one -Dollar General the app- and this one has all the valid coupons you're looking for. I work for Dollar General, this app is not validated. Do not enter your private information on here and uninstall immediately.

Dollar General Coupons – DG Coupon Codes

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