2 THE MOON is an online store that offers a wide range of products and accessories related to the moon and space exploration. From moon-themed clothing, jewelry, and home decor to telescopes and educational books, they have everything to satisfy your obsession with the moon. Their products are of high quality and perfect for space enthusiasts or anyone looking for unique and stylish items. Explore the wonders of the moon with 2 THE MOON and bring a touch of space into your life.

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It was fun at first but it was ruined when sold to Voodoo. Now every time you finish a level you must watch an ad. It originally didn't have ads and now ads are filled everywhere from the bottom screen to when you're ready to start a level and when you finish it. Remove all the ads or at least lower the amount of them and I'll play again.

I don't usually give reviews of games, but this game, by far, has been the most infuriating thing I've tried to play. Not only does it crash before the game boots up often, but when it does work and you've finished a round, sometimes you're given an ad that you can't get out of. I don't mean you wait for it to finish, I mean nothing appears to get you out of the ad so you have to force stop the game and reboot it, restarting the infuriating cycle again. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!

The game has three notable things: 1. The easiness. You don't have to have skill to "play" it. 2. The bugs. From the infamous black screen to the ads that won't allow you to continue. 3. The numbers. Seeing numbers in the millions can be sorta satisfying, but that isn't enough. Not bad, especially because I love seeing massive numbers, but the bugs make it unbearable.

This has more crashes under it's belt than the entire NASCAR racing league. It take about 5+ attempts to get the game working every single time. Also there are ads after every single level, which btw never increase in length or difficulty. It's a nice little time burner when it works but it just flops in so many other categories. 2/10 would not reccomend.

I can see what the devs were trying to do, but it came to a more expectations vs reality situation. 1. The bugs: Oh yes, the bugs, the black screen is the main reason why I dislike this app with a passion, it crashes when you ever so slightly touch the screen. 2. The ads: Oh boy, the ads, every 2018+ mobile game is littered with ads, one after every tap made. 3. The poor quality: The quality of this is like a child made it, its clunky, touchy, and looks like it was thrown together in an hour.

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YOLO TO THE MOON! Bug fixes and other improvements.

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