The impact of natural disasters on animals can be devastating, often resulting in displacement, injury, and even death. The loss of habitat and food sources can have long-term effects on entire ecosystems, leading to increased competition for resources and food scarcity. Protecting and supporting animal populations during and after disasters is essential for maintaining biodiversity and the balance of natural systems. This includes the establishment of emergency shelters, the provision of food and medical care, and the implementation of conservation measures to help animals recover and rebuild their populations. Additionally, raising awareness about the vulnerability of animals in disaster situations can lead to improved preparedness and response efforts.

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Disaster Of Animal

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Attempting to play on a handheld with a 3.5" screen comes with the unexpected challenge of not having any of the in-game "close" buttons functional. There isn't proper scaling so there's no image to click to move between menus. Apart from this, the game is visually appealing and far more stable than many of its competitors. There's enough upgrades variety to hold one's interest, and creatures are well-designed and actually fun to encounter. Edit: Having to uninstall due to menu problem.

Could be better but still a pretty good game. Graphics are okay, some misspelled common English words in dialog boxes; and the outrageously annoying finger continuously motioning at the start button seem like easy things to adjust. Fairly smooth controls, and likeable pick ups and effects during combat make this game entertaining. Would also like to see an island leader board.

Cool game actual game where you can enjoy being omnipotent..could definitely be longer so you could see the powers or weapons maxed out.. good needs a survival mode.its not long enough to get majority of powers powered up plus needs more magnets and it needs more levels of play

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