The DiningOut Passbook is a must-have for food enthusiasts. With this passbook, you can explore various restaurants in your city and save money at the same time. Featuring a collection of top restaurants, the passbook offers exclusive deals and discounts on dining experiences. Whether you are craving Italian cuisine, sushi, or a juicy steak, the passbook has it all. Indulge in exquisite meals without breaking the bank. Get your DiningOut Passbook and embark on a culinary adventure today!

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gieGAOFP300December 1, 2023
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fR5LwpudK363December 28, 2023
aolLMrkpObF786December 8, 2023
Yde30EBi5j989January 13, 2024

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Been using Dining Out for years, first time using app. As others have noted, the app is fairly basic. But it's useable. The biggest problem is you have to log in every single time you want to use it. No option to save ID and password. The password reset feature doesn't work nowadays; no reset email ever arrives. So now I have a worthless app. Cool.

Sorry but it's garbage... the map view is useless for anything except seeing that a place is nearby, no info other than a pin, no way to search/filter results. I can think of very few reasons to use this. There's no way to see a simple list of all coupons. I can restaurants if i go to search mode but enter no criteria, took a while to figure out. Otherwise you're looking at a frustrating card view which scrolls at about 3fps like all other animations in app. +1 star for pleasant design.

Preliminary review -Mostly seems good so far, except the map feature is hard to use because I can only see half of it. There are floating boxes of restaurant details taking up half the page of the map feature. The visible part of the map is barely enough room to use two fingers to zoom and move around the map.

Must start by saying we love the patch, this is out 3rd year buying. The app needs a lot of work, we don't even use it, we use the print book. Of all the shortcoming, not remembering login info is one of the worst. Literally have to sign in every time. I could list about a dozen ither bugs, but the developers could find them with just some basic testing which clearly got skipped.

Guys...the usability is brutal on the map part of the app. Everytime I click one location and try to move to something down the street, it completely zooms out. It always starts me in San Fran which is wierd since I have the Denver one ...and the locations don't match the physical passbook. Love the idea of the app...but it needs to be smoother.

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Discover the best restaurants Denver has to offer with exclusive deals - updated data caching
- the operation of the program has been improved

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