Dierbergs is a renowned grocery store chain that has been serving customers since 1854. With over 20 locations in the St. Louis metropolitan area, Dierbergs is known for its high-quality products and exceptional customer service. From fresh produce to gourmet meals, this family-owned business has everything you need for your daily grocery needs. Dierbergs also offers a wide range of organic, gluten-free, and specialty items to cater to the diverse tastes and dietary preferences of its customers. Experience the Dierbergs difference and shop with confidence for all your grocery essentials.

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The app us okayish. We need a bar code scanner so that we can find sale items and coupons quickly. Why can't I delete expired coupons, or why don't they just disappear. I don't need a category for them. Dierbergs is supposed to be the best grocery chain or top end (definitely the most helpful), and your app is like an 8th grade school project. It is not user-friendly. I want to scan, and if it has a coupon or if it's on sale or both. Make your app do all sorts of cool useful things, etc. Thanks.

This app is basically useless. Minimal features and unresponsive to clicks most of the time. I used to love Dierbergs. There's one right down the street from me. But Schnucks won me over with their amazing app. The past couple years I've driven the extra distance to shop at Schnucks, primarily because their app makes everything easy for me and they have awesome coupons. Dierbergs, take a page from your competitor and do better. I'd love to make you my favorite again, but not with this awful app.

Created account quickly & easily. It only took seconds to answer a few "get to know you" questions, browsed some coupons, & ended up with over 1400 Reward Points that give you free items, or cash back at checkout! Takes you right where you want to go with a tap & shows This Week's Deals on the Home page so you don't miss out. LOVE the digital weekly ad that can be sorted & filtered, even viewed as a list. I won't be missing out on their best deals anymore! Thanks for the new app ❤

I was so happy when I found out Dierbergs had a rewards program, but the app could use some work. I have been trying to clip coupons for 3 days and it keeps giving me a message that there is a problem and its supposedly being worked on. Once the app is fully working it will be great! I like how it has a list option and the coupon clipping (when it finally works).

Just one more example of big corporations' general inability to create usable apps. NOT an "update". This is an entirely new app and that should've been made plain from the beginning - it wasn't. It will not migrate my credentials from the old app - it should. There should be CLEAR instructions, UP FRONT, to delete the old app - there are not. You waste your customer's time, needlessly. It won't launch from onscreen icon. I have to go dig around in the app drawer. Non-intuitive UI. Works? Maybe

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