DiBella’s Subs is a popular sandwich shop that has been serving delicious subs since 1918. They are known for their fresh ingredients and classic Italian flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Italian sub with Genoa salami, ham, and capicola or a vegetarian option like their grilled veggie sub, DiBella’s has something for everyone. With locations across the United States, you can enjoy a tasty sub no matter where you are. Stop by DiBella’s Subs today and treat yourself to a mouthwatering sandwich experience.

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The Dibella's app has been changing a lot over the past year. It was generally getting better but not happy with where it ended up. Sort of it's worst iteration. Biggest thing is having to log into the app on my personal phone every time. Don't log me out! The interface is much less intuitive as earlier versions as well. I'd prefer to start with a past order and then to tweak it if desired (including the sub ingredients) but that's not supported. Need to start from scratch or order copy exact.

App overall works very well and accomplishes its purpose. The process of "confirming" every choice for a sub is a little wonky. After navigating through the screens of bread, size, and toppings, the app will return you to the previous option to confirm. So you navigate through the screens once to make your order, then again in the opposite order. Threw me off at first. Rewards work very well.

This current version of the app is absolutely terrible, every time they update it the thing seems to get worse. Buttons are half cut off the screen, you have to log in through a popup to another browser, it doesn't save your logins, there's annoying popups for news and other things on the screen, and it feels like it was made by someone who has never used a phone before. Please revert the app to a few versions ago, I don't understand what was wrong with it that Dibellas decided to make it more frustrating to use. I actively decide not to eat at Dibellas because of how bad the app is now, and unfortunately its just easier to order a complicated sandwich through the app rather than walking into the store.

This app used to be supremely simple to use. It just worked. Menu items were easy to find with descriptions right there. Unfortunately now I have to dig to find what I want with haptic feedback buzzing at me with every touch for some reason (not something I find useful in most apps). Still love your food but I don't know why you had to mess with the app. Make it more difficult and people won't want to use it.

Terrible app. Terrible website for use with mobile phones. App notifications begin to open upon tapping then shut down. App in ordering asks for Favorite store then when ordering asks for store again. App tends to go back to main screen when tapping selections in order. Tapping in the middle of selections doesn't work, you have tap arrows. Doesn't remember credit card info even after entering it and hitting, save. So many more problems in this app. Their I.T. needs a complete overhaul

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Skip the line and order with the DiBella’s app! Our app has a new look, designed to make ordering faster and simpler.

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