The dēzl™ series of trucking GPS navigators by Garmin is designed to meet the specific needs of truck drivers. These devices offer features such as customized truck routing, truck-specific points of interest, and alerts for upcoming road conditions. The dēzl™ GPS navigators also provide real-time traffic updates, fuel tracking, and easy trip planning tools. With large, easy-to-read displays and rugged construction, the dēzl™ series is built to withstand the demands of the road. Whether navigating busy city streets or remote highways, the dēzl™ GPS navigators are the ideal companion for truck drivers.

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dēzl™ Reviews

Selecting address in app is broken it no longer let's me search an address it makes me chose from the list and usually the address I need is not on the list. Please fix the app garmin I want to like this app and it was one of the main reasons I got this specific GPS it would be at least 4 stars if the app worked the way it did before the last update. I can work around the Bluetooth issues but a broken feature of the app is not a good look.

Update broke so many things. Can't find locations when inputting an address. I don't want a notification when it's not connected just when it is connected. They removed the separate functions of notifications. The gps itself keeps saying Bluetooth disabled then reconnects. This is beginning to be unusable please fix. I didn't spend hundreds of dollars for stuff to be broken all the time.

As far as I can tell the only point in having this app is so that it can constantly fail to connect when it does connect turn your volume all the way up on your phone. I used to keep it just to send addresses which didn't always work but now it's either don't send an address or send an address that makes the GPS have a stroke. The GPS isn't much better so I'm not sure what I really expected. I usually have to wait at least an hour whenever I turn it on for it to figure out that it's a GPS.

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