Detective Max Mystery is an exciting adventure detective game with puzzle elements. You will control a hero named Max, who is trying to solve a terrible crime committed in a school in one of the small towns. To find the killer of his best friend, the young detective will have to carefully study the rooms in search of clues and items that can help in the investigation. Solve exciting puzzles, look for suspects and question witnesses. Don’t let the hero get intimidated and help Max find all the necessary evidence and expose the criminal.

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eUWal08AwHf February 13, 2023 783
ZpaUeqclWzV1 March 20, 2023 507
43rBEPsd7K March 6, 2023 760
ouzyFPD43h0 February 10, 2023 479
0gJbHLte9Yj March 21, 2023 716

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This game is pretty enjoyable for an escape game, which most are poorly made item fetches. The only issue i've had is the hint system is not very well executed. It's fine to have vague hints, but i often get hints for things that i have done, or actions that cannot be performed yet. It's a long escape game which is nice, but progressively becomes somewhat more obscure as you play. Some puzzles feel like a waste though as a few don't offer new items or clues, only contributing to completion %.

It's a good game but there are a HUGE amount of ads. Plus, the hints don't make sense. I solved a sudoku puzzle early on and later a hint said I needed to solve the sudoku. They seem to be random and the game often doesn't realize you all ready solved one of the puzzles. Another unlock a phone and then many puzzles later a hint will tell you to unlock a phone.

The game is trying hard to be like spotlight but failed, at least that game has some dialogues but this, you have no idea about the clues ending up on hints but hints also not helpful, better to forget this game.

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Offline murder mystery games! Criminal case with many clues, hidden objects - Big update!
- Huge redesign!
- Interface improved
- Optimizations
- Bug fixes

Name Detective Max: Offline Games
Version 1.5.7
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (2429 ratings)
Category Codes
Update February 3, 2023
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