Design Home™: House Makeover is a popular mobile game that allows players to tap into their interior design skills and create stunning virtual homes. With a vast range of furniture and decor options, players can transform plain rooms into extraordinary spaces. The game also offers exciting design challenges and competitions where players can showcase their creativity and win prizes. Whether you’re a design enthusiast or simply looking for a fun and creative game, Design Home™: House Makeover is the perfect virtual design experience that will leave you feeling inspired.

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HOT MESS! Used to be really fun. In recent months, less fun and more expensive. Voting impacts the ability to earn rewards, and the scoring is clearly biased towards players who are spending $ on the most recent packages. There's also a feeling of being "forced" to do certain challenges that require spending real world dollars in order to keep scores up. The quality of the graphics had decreased. Also, there's a disconnect between description of inventory items and challenge requirements.

Very expensive if you're going to play this to any serious degree, so you should know that going in. Also, even though you "buy" something, it eventually leaves your inventory. So, you won't be able to use it again without paying again. The animation is naive and doesn't look as good in your design as it looks in their online "catalogue." Ultimately, not worth it.

Amazing graphics, SO many options. Aesthetically pleasing, absolutely gorgeous. It is so much more than just a game. I literally feel like I accomplished something after completing the challenges and rooms. One downside to playing a game that has actual real life furniture and decorating options is that it makes it an EXTREMELY expensive game to play. TOO EXPENSIVE! I've put SO much real money into this game with not much to show for it. The items need to cost less and should win A LOT more.

Love the game! Challenging, fun, and relaxing. I love that more of a variety has been added. Most items are too expensive. Themes change too often, which requires you to constantly purchase expensive items. The cost of items could be cheaper. May have to stop playing. Issues are fixed in a timely manner. Ask too often for ratings. Once a month should be enough! Just my opinion!

I actually really like this game.However, I have two complaints. 1. It seems that 90% of each set requires to purchase something high-end to complete. It wasn't like that before. What the point in winning prizes if they dont help to complete future sets? 2. I literally get sick from scrolling for items. There should be a filter where you can choose price hi to low or Visa versa. I know Inwould be much happier, I can't be the only one.

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Become the top interior designer in this home design simulation! Decorate today. • Tablescaping is here! Set the mood and take your interior design skills to a new level
• Voting optimizations and improvements - 5 stars are waiting for your creativity!
• Technical fixes and performance improvements

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