Demon Hunter: Premium is an action-packed gaming experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Step into the shoes of a fearless demon hunter and embark on a thrilling journey filled with epic battles and spine-chilling enemies. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, this premium version offers exclusive features and bonuses. Upgrade your armor and weapons, learn powerful skills, and unlock hidden treasures to become the ultimate demon hunter. Are you ready to take on the darkness and save the world? Play Demon Hunter: Premium today!

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Too many premium things needed just to play the game, and you have to wait hours for them to recharge if you don't pay. Want to fight in the arena, or a tower with harder and harder levels? There's a key for each. Altar fight keys, Boss fight keys, but worst of all? You want to play the main part of the game? Well you're gonna need to use some campaign keys. Really good looking game with interesting gameplay, but I'm not giving a higher rating until they tone down with all the in app purchases.

Those game is really fun... when it works. The game loads fine but will crash when you hit almost ANY BUTTON! For a paid "premium" version I am so disappointed in the amount of bugs. I played for a month without any disruptions but after a recent update it crashes constantly. When it works Game play itself is fun and challenging up until about level 3-20. Then it becomes a pay to play. The boss becomes impossible to beat and progress forward without dumping a ton of money into a gotcha system.

The game is great with nice graphics and sweet fights... My only issue with it is that it lags alot especially when there are many spawned enemies on the play field and in some boss fights even though I have excess storage space... This issue is horrible and it kills the joy of playing the game... Please fix in the next update.

It's designed to get people to spend unless one is extremely lucky in drawing a good legendary or ancient. Observing the attack values, for example, there is a sudden steep attack capability of the Bosses by 3-20 onwards. That's clearly by design. Touch controls are also problematic & should allow customization. During critical moments, controls lock up. Unless with overwhelming weapons & and armor, it's quite silly. Unless one is willing to spend, don't bother with this game.

Idk why there's two separate applications. One for premium and one for non. I can't carry over progress between the two. The fact that if you make a new character you have to run the whole story again is not a good idea. Leo the luminous lord has some idk down right broken movesets with no cooldown. There are a lot of tweaks required before you call it the "best hack n slash game for mobile".

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