Demolition Derby 3 is an action-packed racing game where you can unleash your inner destruction driver. Smash into opponents’ cars and steer your way to victory as debris flies and engines roar. Choose from a variety of vehicles, from heavy-duty trucks to compact racing cars, each with its own unique handling. Explore different demolition arenas and participate in intense battles where survival is the key to success. Upgrade and customize your vehicle to improve its performance and demolish the competition in Demolition Derby 3.

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Guhw298R542December 5, 2023
zbjdg5rv6P579January 2, 2024
ejfAYwXRa341December 20, 2023
1KzknaLUXmN287November 28, 2023
ztkGXrSlIW960December 16, 2023

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Demolition Derby 3 Tier List

It is a really good game to play. You can race, derby a very large variety of vehicles, and if you don't want to do that you can just cruise around. You also get to choose the maps you want to use. They have maps that have enough snowy maps. They also have maps that have clear weather. My favorite map is the desert, that has clear weather.

UPDATE: Ads. Ads. Ads. And they're intentionally formatted to be difficult to get back to the game. Like a really shifty used car salesman. It wasn't always like this. At least it doesn't happen in the middle of gameplay... yet. That will be the day I delete for good. The game itself is good. Good graphics and sounds. Hate hate hate the view shift when reversing. That should be a toggle. Need a feature to build your own racetracks.

Can you add soft physics or particles, whatever it's called. Instead of having solid chassis, how about a soft one, and with upgrades, you can have a stronger chassis. Even the engines, for one, there should be more options for the cars, and another thing is that the engines should be solid, up to a point. Now the cars, more cars means more enjoyment. Adding old cars, muscle cars, race cars, military vehicles etc. There needs to be detailed interiors in the cars. If you could add these, it wins!

I love that this game is the opposite of Pay to Play. The game play is fun, and competitive. I've had problems with multi-player where one player loses control of their vehicle. I think a couple possible ideas for teams could be fun, even if teammate is AI. Some tracks if you go over the wall, you can't get back in the race. Would love to see more sticker designs. Demolition races would be cool, where cars can be knocked out of a race completely. It would be great to see some MadMax style cars.

This is an amazing sandbox-esque racing game TONS of customization. Easy to earn cars. LOTS of tracks to unlock. The car damage is believable and fun to play with. The ai is smart and challenging without being impossible to beat. I can't wait to tell my friends about the game and use its multiplayer capabilities. My only problems I had were the turn buttons being too small and one time my car got deleted. Not too big of a deal. The only thing I would add is a button scale option. 4.999/5

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Destruction Derby, Banger Racing, Open World Driving & Multiplayer! *1.1.108
-Minor fixes

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