Demolish! is an addictive arcade game with meditative gameplay in which you can let off steam and relax while destroying skyscrapers with a powerful catapult. Choose any building and try to destroy it to the ground. Deliver accurate blows and watch in real time how the skyscraper collapses. The catapult can fire different projectiles. By trial and error, select the most destructive projectile for each building. Get chests with rewards for successfully completing levels. Become a pro at ruthlessly destroying beautiful skyscrapers. Demolish game! received addictive gameplay, realistic physics and a large selection of buildings.

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kE1JumdB52C December 2, 2022 382
noz7tlV36UOy November 2, 2022 645
3WtYbol8FE November 13, 2022 190
CUbDT6PLQ8m December 14, 2022 110
a0bGdFAnWVQ October 23, 2022 909

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Good game but the ads are so infuriating. Literally every two minutes I have to watch an unskippable ad. Every time I progress, I have to watch another ad. Even if I choose not to watch an ad to gain a power up, it makes me watch an ad anyways. And all the ads are for those misleading mobile games that don't have anything that the ad shows in them that probably contain malware. Wouldn't surprise me if this game is malware also

Great concept, poor execution. None of the ads work, neither does the button to upgrade. You get the 4 available weapons in the 1st 100 points of play. After that, it's just blowing up the same buildings over and over, accruing points (stars) that you can't do anything with. Any time you are given a choice, you have to choose "no thank you" to continue playing. The game is broken and they don't care. There are other games like this that work. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!

It's definitely fun to smash buildings. But this game is clearly designed to sell ads, lots of them. There's ads constantly at the bottom. And basically after every single building you destroy. Is extremely easy to bring a building down. My worst was seven shots with most averaging between two and four, and you get three stars for anything under 10. I gave it 100 levels. Averaging approximately 10 seconds per level, and then watching a 10 to 30 second ad. Uninstalling.

The concept is good. Demolition of buildings, structures, and bridges is fun and therapeutic. However, the physics and logic are way off! If I knock out the base and it's main supporting beams, the building is Not going to stay standing. Demolition is about weakening and/or blasting the skeletal structure. When you figure out how to integrate realistic physics, I'll reinstall the game.

Bummed Out! I loved the app when I first started using it. I even bought it to eliminate ads. #1 it still has that buttons to "multiply points" by watching an ad. Get rid of that. I don't care about the points that's why I bought the app, just to play and not be blasted with ads. #2 and by far more important, I am getting the exact same buildings over and over. There is no additional difficulty in levels. The building is turned slightly in different levels. Bottom line...the same!

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Name Demolish!
Version 2.42
Price FREE
Rating 3.5 (120276 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 19, 2022
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