Deer Hunter 2018 is an exhilarating hunting game that puts you in the shoes of a skilled hunter in various exotic locations around the world. With stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, you’ll immerse yourself in the thrill of tracking and capturing elusive deer species. Upgrade your weapons and equipment, master your aim, and become the ultimate hunter. From the serene forests of Colorado to the snow-covered hills of Alaska, Deer Hunter 2018 offers hours of excitement and challenges for hunting enthusiasts. Can you handle the wilderness?

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Amazing game, good graphics, unique guns, over 100 regions and I really love the different modes you can play as well. The only issue I have is I can barely get it to even load in, and when it does it takes a horrifically long time to do so. Please try and fix it in the near future.(Could just also be my internet, not sure yet.)

I love this game, great gameplay and awesome graphics. However, it crashes A LOT!! Every time I play I get an error message at some point and it restarts the game. The cts seasons update every couple months and you start out from scratch with the elite guns. By the time you earn enough platinum eagles and gold bars to get your guns up to par with the missions it updates. Super annoying.. I spent 24 dollars on monthly gold packs (aka, 2) and I refuse to spend any more. Fix your game!

Deer Hunter is both fun and challenging at the same time. Also, there are a great variety of games to play. The app has to be rebooted too many times which is frustrating. Additionally, the upgrades needed to play higher levels can take too long. But overall I enjoy playing the app. Also, the app won't go past region 7 in rod fishing and region 11 in hunting with dogs. Why is that? Found answers in FAQ. Hope new regions are coming soon.

4.0 star rating is the best i can give it simply because to advance either takes tons of grinding or lots of money. All ads are optional from my experience so far, so ignore people saying there are constant adds. Its got so many types of outdoor rec, and even though the fishing isn't too realistic, it looks great and the gameplay is super unique and fun! The hunting aspect has so very many options (although I wish there were tracking missions, instead of just the moment of the hunt)

Its a cool game the graphics are amazing but it keeps coming up saying that there was an error and it needs to restart, which takes FOREVER, this game takes a couple minutes to load every time it starts up. This is happening every 10-15 mins, its very annoying, and itll take your energy like you went hunting/fishing but really it just restarted and waisted it.

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It’s Open Season - join the hunt today and bag the biggest game! Bug Fixes: We've optimized our game to improve stability and make the user experience seamless!

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