“Dere Evil Exe is a chilling 2D horror game that will keep players on the edge of their seats. As the main protagonist, you are trapped in a virtual world, haunted by a malevolent entity known as Evil Exe. The game features atmospheric graphics and eerie sound effects that intensify the feeling of dread. Players must navigate through cleverly designed puzzles and avoid deadly traps, all while uncovering the dark secrets of the virtual world. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-filled and suspenseful gaming experience like no other.”

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The controls for the game were absolutely frustrating for a platformer, from beginning to end, but I suppose that's kinda the point. Sometimes it feels like the directional controls were too big to accurately change directions when necessary while other times they feel too small and I end up not pressing a button at all. I also hated how colliding with a moving platform seemed to cancel my double jump sometimes. It's a fantastic game otherwise, and I highly recommend it in spite of the issues with controlling the player.

I really like this game, but the placement of the controller hurt my hands so much I had to stop. As others have said, also having to pick up my thumb to move backwards or forwards made it exceptionally difficult on certain things, where I seemed to be relying on blind luck rather than my timing or learning the movements and patterns of obstacles. Very challenging and fun though, and I didn't feel overwhelmed by ads. Nice job!

A really great tough platformer, with tight controls and an interesting horror theme. Frustrating, but definitely recommended! Many areas revolve around deliberately broken controls and gameplay conventions, which is unique and goes a long way for the unsettling atmosphere of the game. But if you are someone who's easily upset by things not working as expected, it might not be fun.

This game is FANTASTIC, however... The one thing I absolutely hate, and I assume every gamer does as well are the controls. Who doesn't make the d-pad so you can keep your finger on the screen and move left & right? You have to pick your finger off the screen in order to move backwards. This is a very very poor mechanic for a platformer. Having a smooth dpad is a MUST for platformers. Please change.

Very well done game. The puzzles are innovative and clever, the suspense is real, and the ambience such as the music and backgrounds are pretty/terrifying. One small problem I had was the game had a tendency to crash my phone's OS when exiting, but wasn't a big issue since it was a relatively short game. Will definitely be playing the previous games and any sequels.

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2D side-scrolling pixel art platformer horror game with 16-bit aesthetics - Brand new main menu graphics and animations
- Cute new splash screen
- General gameplay and UI improvements

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