Death Park 2: Horror Clown is a thrilling horror game that will send shivers down your spine. The game takes you on a terrifying journey through a haunted amusement park, where a creepy clown is on the loose. As you explore the eerie park, you will encounter mind-bending puzzles and heart-pounding encounters with the malevolent clown. With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, Death Park 2: Horror Clown will keep you on edge as you uncover the dark secrets of the park. Prepare yourself for a bone-chilling adventure like no other.

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I played a few levels so far and I'm amazed how good the graphics and gameplay is, can tell a lot of work and time has been put into it. Reminds me of when I used to play Silent Hill games on the console, also the puzzle challenges is added benefits to the suspense. The storyline and voiceover is amazing, keeps me on my toes, controls are very responsive and doesn't lag. Be nice if you can add a jump button just in case I need to find a quicker way to get away. Great job devs!

Death park is awesome! I do have some problems though. So like I said in my last review, the game freezes slot and I never get to save it, so I have to start over. I have recently noticed another issue, everytime I save the game on the typewriter and exit the app, all my progress just disappears. I know that the game you saved in the past would disappear, but the game that I just saved is gone. And I do have a app recommendation. I really think you should add multiplayer. Overall it's very good

I changed my rating,cuz once i got the controls down i really enjoyed this game! I think its a huge improvement from the 1st one! So many more areas to explore and go threw,theres 8 endings which i think is cool,i really enjoyed it,and being able to play it for free and get all the levels for free by watching the ads was a great idea! It took me awhile to change weapons,cuz u have to slide down on the ammo area i kept looking at the ground lol but i got the hang of it after a while,great game!☺️

The problem with the controls is that they are too jumpy. If you try to look at something on a specific point, it won't fine tune but will instead jump right over the fixed point you are looking to hit. So there is a lot of back and forth trying to land it on the right mark just to put it on the right mark so you can pick something up. Other than that it's a good game and great premise. Different how you move between the two planes of existence.

Hello, I love the game. It's really simple once you know where to go. But I've ran into an issue now. It seems when I get to the cemetery area in easy mode. Then I activate a balloon. It acts normal. But then I get the shovel and leave the building. It doesn't make the monsters soam. And the balloon is still outside. I tried to load back form that point but its saved ad the start of getting the gems. But one of them Isnt spawning

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Be the one who survive this horror and find out the secret of scary clown! Hi all! ✌

In this update:
- Fix minor bugs

Enjoy playing with the clown, he has been waiting for you! 🤡
Peace to all, friends!

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