“Death Coming” is a strategic puzzle game developed by NEXT Studios. In this unique game, players take on the role of Death’s assistant, tasked with collecting souls by manipulating the environment and causing deadly accidents. With an isometric perspective and retro pixel art style, players must carefully plan and execute their killings, all while avoiding detection from the vigilant police. With dark humor and challenging puzzles, “Death Coming” offers a morbidly entertaining experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

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Amazingly fun! There's so much to experiment with for the levels, and getting the timings right in things is a good challenge. There are multiple ways to solve the levels, you'll have to note the movement patterns on each target carefully to plan a good route! Even better: there are weather effects to play with! The maps have a very fun design too, worth buying! There was a blank screen immediately after purchase and sometimes when going back to the main menu, but reopening the app fixed it.

Don't make the same mistake I did! I really enjoyed the first 2 acts of this game and I've purchased the full game. But, it appears all you get for the 3rd act and beyond is a loading screen. I'm also guessing the Devs have abandoned ship because they have no support email and their website doesn't work. I wish I'd read more reviews beforehand and looked up when it was last updated (July 2020)!

Was worried that it was only 3 stars on mobile because I was playing on pc and it was fun. Now I see it's complaints that it costs money. Yes, it costs like $2. It's a great game and I'd rather pay for a unique, fun game with no ads every ten seconds than all the copy/paste ad revenue machine that litter the app stores top games. People worked hard to make an enjoyable game, that's worth a couple bucks to me.

I love this game and really want to play it. Unfortunately, it seems to have crashed across multiple platforms. On PC it freezes while attempting to access the game servers and on Android it freezes while attempting to verify the full version (which I do want). Can devs please advise?

Love the graphic and the mechanics of this game. Very unique. I paid for the ios and android version for my 2 devices so that I can play with it when I need to burn time. No issues at the moment. Works great.

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Help the Reaper harvest souls Fixed known bugs to improve game stability.

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