Deadrite Hunt is an unusual corporate horror game in which you have to play as a team of five people. The game takes place in an alternate reality in which nightmarish creatures from another dimension have entered our world through portals that have opened everywhere.

Four players will be hunters. Their task is to find and destroy the monster that has broken through the portal into our world. The nightmarish creature, in turn, will try to kill the hunters. Each of the characters has strengths and weaknesses, their own style and abilities. You can join forces with other hunters or try to fight the monster alone.

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
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The game could be good but there are several factors that take away from it. Firstly the connection sucks, you'll get dc'd from the game and put back into the menu, when that happens you don't get any rewards for playing and that's incredible annoying when you've put all the effort in only to loose connection. The bots are incredibly annoying, the monster bots aren't as bad. The hunter bots are infuriating, if you are able to kill the monster they refuse to get you out of the cage The cage = ๐Ÿ˜ด

I think that this game can go very far as to being as good as deadbydaylight. I wish that the monster has to drag you to hooks or something when you are knocked out so that you have a better chance of survival. Please fix some bugs, I also want to play against/with real players because its not that fun when you know your playing against bots. Also, make a server for North America too please. So, I really like the aspect of finding totems and being able to kill the monster. Add roll and climb. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Been playing for a while, I find it really fun! I usually play identity V, so I wanted a game similar to it, and I found this! I wish it was slightly more active, the graphics are fun the mechanics are fun! I like how there are different hunters and monsters with skills, I love being able to hunt the monsters! Altogether great game so far but I hope it can grow more, because if it had more modes, characters, and more people playing It'd be perfect! But I still have fun a lot playing anyway! ^_^

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Horror Hunt - survive and stay alive in new multiplayer horror game! Big update is here!

Added 3 new characters
Added Battle Pass season 2
Added party system
Added new progress system
Changed victory condition for monster: now you have to catch all hunters in cages. Hunters donโ€™t die in cages anymore.
Now hunters must destroy 5 totems instead of 4.
Reworked cage
Added neutral monsters
Reworked Graveyard
Reworked health and damage
Reworked Trevor Marsh and Hag
Now we have a 5 minute timer on every match
Removed talents

Thank you for staying with us!

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