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Features1. [AAA] Realistic 3D graphicsAAA console quality realistic third person shooter.

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Alot of people are complaining about the lack of everything that could make this game one of the best out there. It already has great graphics and animations, it just needs refining on the controls and gameplay. (And a storyline.) Please make the arena bigger or remove the border, it makes the first boss next to impossible. Oh, and if possible, co-op would be nice. (Just 2 to 4 players in an arena and endless waves with ammo boxes.)

They're still some bugs in it, like the issue with running away from the monsters. He just runs into them instead. Stiff movements and what's up with the blue rubies for newer weapons, that's over excessive and no monster gore! That's not cool, perhaps adding melee weapons and body armor and a co op multiple players for the future would be ideal. Then their is the price for upgrades it's to high??? GAME it's AWESOME still but needs more work!!

This is a solid and has potential. The graphics and gameplay are good but it needs some changes. 1. Take away the borders so there is more space to move but add more monsters to compensate. 2. The control layout should be customisable. 3. non scope aiming should have a crosshair so you can see where you are shooting at. 4. Add armour and upgrades. 5. Make the dodge/roll more useful. Like I said it has potential.

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Improved game system
Bug fixes

Name Dead Zone – Action TPS
Version 1.0.0
Price FREE
Rating 3.6 (3856 ratings)
Category New
Update December 13, 2022
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