Dead Paradise: Car Race Shooter is an adrenaline-pumping action game that will have you on the edge of your seat. In a post-apocalyptic world, you find yourself in the midst of an intense car race where survival is the ultimate goal. Armed with powerful weapons and armored vehicles, your mission is to eliminate your rivals and be the last one standing. The game features stunning graphics, intense gameplay, and a variety of challenging tracks. Gear up, pick your weapon of choice, and get ready for an epic race to survive in Dead Paradise: Car Race Shooter.

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F1IsyDte521December 21, 2023
Rcbp31wZr8811December 6, 2023
6VKQGjPnU811November 25, 2023
cXHgwxJOrCM702December 15, 2023
n6NqHAitvX927January 7, 2024

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The devs updated the game. Now I can't choose what car I want for a mission. Now the top car is locked behind more challenges. I have it unlocked, but can't use it. Now there are more bugs. I get stuck on everything and have to reset instead of being able to free myself. Randomly exploding. Don't play this outside of play pass. This is a microtransaction nightmare.

Fun game, forced ads weren't that much of an issue. I found myself constantly watching videos for gas and gold, since there's a lot of repetition. Speaking of, I like that you can replay the missions to earn money for upgrades, but don't like how they get increase difficulty everytime you beat the level until it resets. Now, I don't like how you can't upgrade your main gun. Doesn't do a lot of damage, no matter how much the car is upgraded. But bverall, it's a fun game.

The rear mounted gunner on the players vehicle is supposed to automatically track and aim and fire but it has a lot of difficulty keeping up with enemies, and actually stopping the vehicle and using it like a turret seems to work better which defeats the entire purpose of the game. The graphics are also a bit dated and blocky looking. I uninstalled this. Not impressed and not very much fun. Better luck next time guys. Reply Fix the player rear gun's auto aiming/tracking.

Nice work! Smooth graphics and you must be alert to play this one! However, In my opinion, you may Need to make the money/coin for the levels/ missions worth more. Too time consuming and tedious to get enough to upgrade vehicle though. The ads are excessive, but expected. The game experience kinda makes it worth it.

the game itself is a winner. .. however the only thing that knocks it slightly is when you watch an ad for extra rewards, you watch it and still don't receive the extra. other than that. brilliant game. Rich Rock of stoke on Trent biddulph.

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Race game, destroy enemy trucks and cars in this action combat racing gadi games - bug fixes

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