“DarkBlood – Beyond the Darkness” is a gripping supernatural thriller set in a mysterious realm where ancient curses and dark forces collide. The story follows a young woman named Elena, who discovers she possesses an otherworldly power that could either save or destroy her world. As she delves deeper into the hidden secrets of her lineage, she is thrown into a relentless battle against unyielding darkness. With vivid imagery and heart-stopping suspense, “DarkBlood – Beyond the Darkness” weaves a tale of bravery, love, and the ultimate struggle between good and evil. This spellbinding novel will leave readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.

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DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness

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DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness Review

I really like it. I don't get why other people are complaining. It it straight forward and sure you die a couple of times the first few times but then the actual stratagy comes in. Once you level up enough you start going. Only takes to get to like level 3 to really get going. If you die you lose half your gold which isn't hard to earn back. The only problem i have rn is that the game won't open correctly the second time i tried to play it. So im just going to uninstall and reinstall. Great game

Pretty simple and fun dungeon crawler, which is rare on the app store! The devs seem very set on players enjoying themselves, instead of shoving adds and pay-to-win options in their face. The graphics are appealing in a nostalgic kind of way, and the combat is easy to understand and master. Strategy is needed, but not so much that you're dying every fight. Very much recommended to anyone looking for a fun dungeon crawler with this sort of style.

So this game looks pretty awesome, and I was really looking forward to playing it but it doesn't seem to have a full English translation. Despite the language barrier I was able to understand to a minimum how the commands work and how to stack them to increase their effect. I got stuck in the options after clicking on a option and not being to go back anymore(not sure what happened but some blue gem kept spinning). I won't uninstall as I hope they eventually do add full English :)

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