“Dark Throne: The Queen Rises” is a thrilling fantasy novel that follows the epic tale of a once-ordinary woman who discovers her destiny as the rightful ruler of a mystical kingdom. As she navigates political intrigue and battles dark forces, the queen must confront her inner demons and make difficult choices to ensure the safety of her people. Filled with rich world-building and compelling characters, this mesmerizing story will draw readers into a world of magic, betrayal, and triumph. “Dark Throne: The Queen Rises” is a must-read for fans of epic fantasy and powerful heroines.

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Dark Throne : The Queen Rises

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Dark Throne : The Queen Rises Review

It's mind boggling how a game this good can have only 1 thousand downloads! The graphics are higher than even some Triple-A studio games! The movement system is so unique! My only problem is that it's a little hard to target onto a single enemy. Usually in RPGs, I click on a monster to target them or a group of them, but here, I walk past them and have to turn around to attack. Amazing game with spot on Triple-A graphics!

Concept is really fun and straightforward. I personally hate tap and go movement. A touch pad would work just fine and be easier to move around. There aren't any major issues, just feels kinda lackluster. Like it's incomplete

This is a strange game, the graphics are blurry and the game is not optimize well, it's lagging like hell, the controls are horrible, touch screen with auto skill it's just a very bad design, usually cheep android game has this design, even though the atmosphere are good and the first lady voice acting was also solid, but the small dungeon with minimum enemy's and the internet requirements with a blurry and laggy experience, it's not fun to play at all, The SC here are so clean but game is blury

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