Dairy Farm Codes [2024 June]

Last update April 16, 2024

Dairy farm codes are vital guidelines that aim to ensure the ethical treatment of animals and the production of safe, high-quality dairy products. These codes outline the standards for animal welfare, including proper nutrition, living conditions, and healthcare. Farmers must adhere to these codes to maintain the well-being of their cows and to meet industry expectations. Additionally, dairy farm codes often address environmental sustainability and food safety practices. By following these codes, dairy farmers can contribute to the overall health and welfare of their animals while producing nutritious dairy products for consumers.

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Dairy Farm

List of Dairy Farm Codes

CODEExpiration Date
3SJIWZQUMay 29, 2024
F1NRO23HE4June 2, 2024
PB5VSZL38May 27, 2024
IXZEP5GR4CFMay 2, 2024
GRC7UTWVPBMay 26, 2024
ADSW8RMTApril 27, 2024
4F6ADWQG3VJune 6, 2024
JEB9UND0XJune 1, 2024

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To redeem a code for Dairy Farm, enter the code at checkout online or show it to the cashier in-store to enjoy discounts or special offers on dairy products.

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