Cyberika: Cyberpunk RPG is an action-adventure cyberpunk RPG set on the streets of a futuristic metropolis. Start your journey from the very bottom – the role of a mercenary living in a modest dwelling somewhere on the outskirts of the city. In a huge metropolis, everything is decided by connections, money and weapons. You have to find your place in this city, where every district is controlled by criminal gangs, and the police are powerless against gangs. Improve the characteristics and skills of the hero, get weapons, make useful acquaintances and complete exciting missions. You will find a lot of adventures and fights with numerous enemies.

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jlfXWMxxxxx Get

- Gold x9157K, Gems x176, Coins x92746

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- Diamonds x912, Money x12365, Resources x1426K

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
m5zC3bye7qrMay 1, 2023805
meYRKJPFBZApApril 29, 2023936
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PCAD9p1tbYfMarch 13, 2023752

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The game has a very interesting story line. Some parts for machine assembly are not easily found making progress slow. The combat mechanics really upsets me. There is no way for you to dodge enemy attack to perform a counter attack and you can't reload while moving. Which means while reloading the enemy is constantly attacking and i died a few times this way in the game. But overall it is a nice game to play.

An ok-ish game. I don't like how there's no "sort" button for the inventory, makes storing things very tedious. I don't like how the durability of pretty much everything is equivalent to wet cardboard. I bought 15 slots of expanded inventory and they disappeared the next day, had to buy it again only for it to repeat. Don't like how unforgiving the game is in terms of screw-ups and needing to buy your way out. Overall, leaves much to be desired and hope these issues get resolved.

Pretty, but cash grabbing way too hard. If you die, you have a choice between paying real money or waking up naked, losing all your hard-earned equipment. Inventory space is also frustratingly limited and, you guessed it, you buy extra slots with real money, slots that are not even permanent. I have seen a lot of greedy game publishers, but this is a whole new level.

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Explore a mad cyber world full of crime, wars, robots, cars and desires. — Improved a few game mechanics, fixed various bugs and issues.

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