“Cut Paste Photos” is an innovative app that allows users to seamlessly edit and manipulate their photos. With easy-to-use features, users can quickly cut objects out of one photo and paste them into another for creative and fun collages. The app offers a range of editing tools, including the ability to crop, resize, and adjust the color and tone of photos. Whether creating personalized social media posts, unique invitations, or memorable scrapbook pages, Cut Paste Photos provides a simple yet powerful platform for endless creativity. Download the app today and unlock your potential for photo editing and collage creation.

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Cut Paste Photos

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Cut Paste Photos Reviews

For a long time this app was my go to for making memes or just basic designed photos. Although for as long as I can remember ads were implemented. However they eventually became more and more excessive. Then the logo was added at the bottom of the finished collage, however you could watch a video to remove it. Now you cant even do that and there's ads at the bottom of the screen while making a collage which really debilitates any progress. The monthly charge is also insane, you have lost me

This worked perfectly. I originally downloaded it just hoping to layer one image on top of another, and it worked perfectly for that. As an added bonus, there were some other, extremely intuitive and useful features such as cutting out different objects from a picture like a person, or a bike, etc... I found this app perfect for my needs and would definitely recommend it.

Idk if I've ever seen an app so full of ads. If I went to a website with THAT many ads popping up I'd be worried about malware! They've intentionally ruined the app with ads in an attempt to get people to buy an ad free version, which costs a monthly subscription fee or a one time option that costs just under $100! They say they need the ad revenue to continue working on it. Yeah.. How labor intensive. If $100 to occasionally cut & paste a picture sounds reasonable then by all means have at it.

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