Cubes Empire Champions are a formidable team of gamers who dominate the virtual world of puzzle games. With their exceptional skills and unwavering determination, they have conquered every level and earned the top ranks in various competitions. Their strategic thinking and quick reflexes make them true champions in the realm of cubes. As they continue to take on new challenges and break records, they inspire and motivate aspiring gamers to push their limits and strive for greatness. The Cubes Empire Champions are a force to be reckoned with and a symbol of excellence in the gaming community.

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Not sure why someone made the decision to change a pretty fun, challenging but still able to accomplish game to what it seems to have become. You now platforms that are nearly impossible to pass, multiple times the game has frozen on me making me lose my progress. It was a great way to just mindlessly pass some enjoyable time, but no more. Uninstall for me.

I'M DONE! As usual it starts out good, then the come the issues. The game starts freezing up right in the middle of the level you're on, then kicks you out, thus listing the level you were on! Ugh!! The level with the ice cubes need more moves! I've only been playing a short time, but so far I'm enjoying the game. The levels aren't so hard that you can't get through them, and there is not an abundance of Ads... And that is huge! I have uninstalled many games because of the over kill of Ads!

Updating my review. I really do love this game. When I'm stuck on a level, the game usually helps out a bit. Great in game rewards, though some longer infinite life times would be nice. Definitely a great way to pass the time. Still knocking off a star for super slow customer service. Though they did fix the issue, it took 2 days and with no contact or return emails for almost the same time.

This is really less a game than it is a vehicle for ads for other games. Horrifying amount of unavoidable ads, unless you pay up, of course. Was fun for awhile but "hard" levels aren't fun and challenging, "hard" levels are rigged to lose multiple multiple times before allowing you opportunities for play. Not any different than other games wanting you to buy power ups, but combined with the ads, it's a pretty reckless amount of greed, and I'm not buying.

Very easy to play. Reasonable amount of ads. No crashes. I'd recommend this if you were looking for a nice, relaxing game to unwind at the end of a long day. Good job, developers! Update: so I've been playing this game for a few months and I've noticed that it crashes A LOT. Worse, when it crashes, you lose your daily mission. So I'm going to take away one star. Guys, you need to fix the stablity--or at least not deprive players of the daily when it does crash.

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Blast, crush & match royal cubes in this awesome & fun cube matching puzzle game Thank you for playing Cubes Empire Champions!
A brand new update is out NOW.
- New Pizza element.
- 50 new levels (5400 in total).
- Improvements and fixes to make the experience as smooth as possible.
- Stay tuned for the updates - lots of surprises await you in future versions!

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