Crowd Blast! is a fun action game with puzzle elements in which you will have to destroy little men by shooting chicken carcasses at them. You will need to launch projectiles at the platforms opposite. Your task is to get rid of all people. Each level is a logical task. To get more points, you need to destroy all the little men on the platform, spending as few shells as possible. Think over every step and aim carefully. Try to destroy a house, shop, cafe or a giant robot with one shot, burying people under the rubble. Earn points and get valuable bonuses.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
qNuf02KtXlE December 30, 2022 563
BDjLmJFXG9it January 9, 2023 909
d3imTuIYeK December 1, 2022 935
HotMA3vT2Dg December 19, 2022 966
HSRWMQTKao7 January 2, 2023 336

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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It's a nice game but most of the item collisions aren't valid. If you toss a TV to a house, it would merely explode and char, but in this game it acts like a cannon. Whenever I want some explosive shots after I unlocked it, I need to watch an ad to even get it. It's not common sense! Nobody prefers to watch foolish ads only to get what they worked hard for. And the issue is, you only get one. And also, there is no sound and it makes the game a bit awful. Please make it so that it's not ads only.

This has the potential to be an amazing physics based puzzle destruction game, but as it is it's genuinely a very fun little time waster. If a full puzzle game was made from this engine with actual thought and care put into it, it's something I would pay for, it's that's close. Remember to play in airplane mode so that they don't receive ad revenue.

Fun game. Everyone whines about sound, I play with game sounds muted, most game music is shite anyway, geared towards children. Game is great way to pass the time while waiting. Ads are after every round, but that's normal for most games nowadays, look away from your phone for 10 seconds (or however long ad is) and its all cool. I like it and it's better than a lot of similar games out there.

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Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Name Crowd Blast!
Version 1.5.7
Price FREE
Rating 3.6 (1976 ratings)
Category Codes
Update November 26, 2022
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