Get ready to embark on an epic tower defense journey with Crazy Defense Heroes! This strategic TD game will test your skills as you battle hordes of relentless enemies. With over 300 levels and 40 unique heroes to unlock, you’ll never run out of challenges and ways to strategize. Defend your kingdom using a variety of powerful towers, upgrade your heroes, and unleash their special abilities to ensure victory. With stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, Crazy Defense Heroes is a must-play for any tower defense enthusiast. Download now and prove your defense skills!

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Crazy Defense Heroes – TD Game Tier List

It's an alright Tower Defense in general with nothing new to the genre, although it has a few major issues with progression in general. For starters, cards have a star rating which determines their potential, on its own that wouldn't be an issue, but you can get the same towers at lower or higher ratings, making the valuable resources you invested into lower ones a complete waste. Which is compounded by the game's energy/stamina system heavily limiting how much you can actually do.

This game was super fun for a month or 2. It's pretty grind oriented, which I'm okay with. My overall experience of the game has been great for the most part. Only issue(s) I really have with the game is that once you hit that wall the grind spikes to the max. Lvls are too hard and there's not really a good way to get better once you hit that point, besides grinding your fingers to dust, or spending a ridiculous amount of money. I'm at player lvl 27 or so, and I think it's time to call it quits

its a good game :) Expensive free to play. :( I would have preferred to just pay a one time price. its a good game that brings new ideas to the TD genre. but only to monetize your progress... Kingdom rush did it the best. I would have liked to be able to make a purchase outright. not through the free to play model -2 stars. The developers deserve something for new content in the TD genre. but not $100 every turn. no thanks. would love to see this on the Switch

***UPDATE*** The game play is fun and challenging and enjoyable. I could see myself playing longer and spending more money...BUT (and it's a big BUT)...the rejuvenation of energy is highly skewed an downright unfair. Most missions take 9-10 energy to even start playing. However each energy takes about 10 minutes to rejuvenate. So one hour and 40 minutes later you can do a 4 minute mission? This is rapidly turning me off this game, and I don't dare spend more than what I already have. PLEASE fix!

This game is no longer fun to play. It's so painful to play. It freezes all the time and making it harder to complete the quest. I'm loosing interest in this game fast. Needs major improvements. wished you can play without the internet. Most time, I'm playing when I'm on the train and have no internet. I don't like needing energy to play each game. Which means you can't play until more energy is generated when you ran out of energy. The game is very glitchy. It freezes up during the game play.

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