Everyone knows that the brain must always be in good shape. Puzzles are a great workout for the brain in a convenient format. Crashing Escape game is the most exciting and interesting in this genre.

It is necessary to be able to determine the right path and thus reach the end. At first glance, everything is very simple, but it only seems so. 1000 levels are available to you, but can you complete them all? Show all the endurance, ingenuity to go to the very end. Watch the movement of the car and ensure that it does not reach a dead end, otherwise the game will have to start over.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
ZrgXbtiTfkY May 9, 2023 751
v4JDf1zdnsyL May 7, 2023 782
1RZ4rXnoTP May 15, 2023 196
49rnDd1GAc7 May 1, 2023 412
tXO45cKgiGT May 12, 2023 824

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Classic car puzzle game! fix bugs

Name Crashing Escape
Version 1.41
Price FREE
Rating 0.0 (0 ratings)
Category Codes
Update March 24, 2023
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