Craftsman: Building Craft is a captivating game that immerses players in a world of creativity and construction. With a wide variety of materials and tools at your disposal, you can unleash your imagination to build intricate structures and unique designs. From simple houses to grand castles, the only limit is your creativity. Explore a vast open world, gather resources, and craft intricate items to advance your skills. Engage in collaboration with other players, share your creations, and marvel at the ingenuity of fellow craftsmen. Let your creativity soar in Craftsman: Building Craft!

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- 1. 100 Gold, 50 Wood, 25 Stone - Excellent Woodworker Achievement! 2. 75 Gold, 100 Iron, 30 Cloth - Master Builder Trophy! 3. 150 Gold, 40 Glass, 60 Gems - Craftsmanship Medal Unlocked!

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- 1. 50 wood 2. 100 stone 3. 25 iron 4. 75 gold

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Craftsman: Building Craft

List of Craftsman: Building Craft Codes

CODEExpiration Date
CSUMWIFGFebruary 26, 2024
TY7DEA03J8March 21, 2024
TYL8O3NWQApril 4, 2024
4GKU3O5VAT0February 9, 2024
RAQFBJODX7March 18, 2024
FU2DJO79March 26, 2024
48J39ZIVEGMarch 16, 2024
I31RQOUC4March 13, 2024

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Craftsman: Building Craft Review

Super fun game, but LOTS of adds. Edit:SERVERS DO NOT WORK!! also needs more items. You can't trade with villagers. Please fix on next update. Edit: THE GAME HAS TEXTURE PACKS!! It is awesome! Edit: I don't know when this updated, but it is WAAAY better now.(I don't know when it updated because I haven't had this for a long time.) I love that there's more animals and items. And that you can customize your own character!(but there's too little options.)

Too many ads! I like the game just not the ads, there are so many ads to the point where if I'm listening to music it cuts it off and if I try to play my music again it messes with the ad. It has also gotten to the point where my game freezes and 1 of 2 outcomes will happen, either it will break the things I built and I can't move the camera or it kicks me out. It would be a great game if there weren't so many ads interrupting things practically every other minute.

This game crashes constantly. Slows down my phone, and has to be restarted every 5 minutes. The ads are outrageous. Every 2 minutes, you'll get an ad. Skippable or not, when you're on a roll, the ads just pop up out of nowhere and take you to their download page. Constant freezing issues. Reinstalling doesn't fix this issue. Just so many bugs.

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