In Crab War: Idle Swarm Evolution, embark on an epic journey to save the crab civilization from the invading reptiles. Play as a mighty crab general leading an army of mutated crabs to reclaim your homeland. Evolve your crab species, unlock powerful abilities, and defeat powerful bosses. Collect gems, enhance your army, and discover ancient relics to aid in your battle against the reptiles. With stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, Crab War offers a unique idle gaming experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

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I really like how unique this tapping game is, though I think there is a glitch (I assume) after the update. When you watch an ad for an Abysswyrm, the reptiles seem to repel more backwards to the point you can't see them. The text seems to get smaller too. I'm not sure if that is a glitch or an intentional put-in, though I wanted to put that out there. Otherwise, I like the concept. I also like how the butterflies are a way to put ads since I do watch them for boosts.

This is one of those games where at first it seems like there wouldn't be much to it, but then you really get into it and discover that it has a ton of things to do. There's tournaments, ecdysis (aka prestige), 33 different queens that you can upgrade, mutations, a gene tree, the list goes on. It's just so satisfying when you can insta-kill all the reptiles for a while and watch them all explode. Also, the music gives me Terraria vibes and I love it. Overall great game!

This is about the only idle game I can stick with. Lots of layers, plenty of ways to get the different currencies, and it feels like it rewards you for time spent actually playing rather than forgetting about it. To get 5 stars, I would love a single payment to remove ads and pop-ups outside of the subscription. Even if it was more expensive, I'd rather pay $10 now and be done forever then have to remember to stop the subscription when I eventually put it down for a few months

I have been enjoying this game for months now. The problem is that over the last 3 or 4 days the ads that pop up when tapping butterflies or doubling rewards have been freezing the entire game. As a result, I not only have to continuously shut it down and reload it, I have also lost countless rewards ( gold, pearls, boosts, gems, etc.). It was a stress reliever, now it's annoying. I've contacted support both today and yesterday and yet the problems continue.

Its amazing but I do not know if it should be a 5 star or 3 because I sometimes uninstall and just reinstall it again later. so I will just go with 4 because that is the best one to choose. Overall the game is so cool how you can be so weak and then with tapping on a bug you could be doing insanely good so that way you can have a challenge for a while and then no challenge at all. It just keeps on repeating that action which gives it a good rythem. And I like how the game modes twist the game up

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An Infinity War of Crabs. One snap… I mean tap away! v3.63.0
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