Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game is a thrilling cooking game that lets you showcase your culinary talents. With a variety of restaurants to manage, including a bakery, sushi bar, and burger joint, you’ll never get bored. Cook delicious dishes from around the world and serve them to your hungry customers. Upgrade your equipment and decor to attract more customers and earn higher tips. Complete challenging levels and unlock new restaurants and ingredients. With its addictive gameplay and stunning graphics, Cooking Fever is a must-play for any food lover.

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Ridiculous amount of ads. I'm even getting ads after watching the ad videos to earn rewards, not getting the rewards half the time. I'll get an error claiming I can't play because I can't connect to the server but you bet that ad can load up. Things are so close together you're constantly selecting the wrong thing. And the upgrades are clearly geared to force you to spend money. Good thing I like burgers!

Forced ads don't even load - black screen. So, the number of ads are excessive, but sure not my first F2P game. But the problem is that most of the time, the ads don't even load! They just freeze on a black screen - occasionally, I'll hear audio. Can't exit or wait it out. Just have to force quit. But there's a banner in the shop that says any microtransaction will clear forced ads. Ok, fine. A couple weeks of no forced ads. Cool. Well. They're back - black screens and all. False advertisement

The controls aren't as smooth as other games just like this one, and the levels progress at such a slow pace that I'm getting bored. I get that the first few levels are ment to be a tutorial, but there are several times in each level where there are NO customers to serve. Just an empty shop and ads.

I enjoy the game, and one the fast food level I've had no problems. However, when I unlocked both the sports bar and bakery they would unlock food items for me despite me not being on that level. While the app says it's been disrupted and it's putting me back to my original level, it's doesn't do that and sometimes it doesn't allow me to play.

For the past few days, when trying to play the game I've been receiving an error message. Stating there is an issue with the server. So, I decided to uninstall the game. I then reinstalled it and connected it back to my Facebook. Of course, it didn't update to where I was and the game. I am back at the first restaurant. None of my history has been saved. I've been playing for over 5 years and was at level 877ish. Fun times... Sigh. Bummed

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Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world! An exciting new Garden feature has arrived in Cooking Fever!
Play levels in any restaurant for a chance to get seeds.
Collect and plant them in your Garden to reap rewards! The rarer the seed, the better the reward. Remember, weeds and dry soil will damage your plants, so be sure to upgrade your tools to keep them safe!
But that's not all! Complete the new Botanical Journal and claim up to 18 Chef's Mystery Boxes!
Various bug fixes and small improvements to make your gaming experience smoother.

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