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p0AYTImh640December 22, 2023
eDPYjA2Fkx852December 3, 2023
maW9XUiN4318January 8, 2024
xcABobpYPgM137December 16, 2023
LwaXmlfOgM962December 10, 2023

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Cookie Jam Blast™ Match 3 Game Tier List

Addictive when it works right. So far I've been subjected to flashing ads that don't work, and I'm prone to having seizures when exposed to flashing lights. Also the game will just exit out right as I'm about to win at a hard level and then I have to start all over again. So if your game stops freezing and exiting and also stops trying to kill me with ads that flash and don't work that would be great. All my other app games work perfect, it's just this one.

the game is fun; however my number one complain is the colors. they are too bright that makes it harder to see the next move. I have been playing Toy Blast (another similar game for years and finished over 1000 levels) and never had a problem. also, when finishing a game, there is no option to skip the "finishing" moves. imaging you only a few minutes here and there to play the game and have to wait for the game to finish doing its things. also, too many screens to get to the game itself

Love the game! Play it all the time. Only thing I would say is that after you complete a level all of these special event or booster type of windows pop up and you have to exit them all individually before going to the next level. It's not really a huge problem it's just kind of annoying. I know it's petty. Oh and if I go away from the app (without actually closing it) it'll restart the level I was on and any power ups I had built up to that point are gone too. So to prevent that I have to complete the entire level, close out all the pop up windows that come up, and then I can close the app.

Not yet changing the rating, but beginning to get very frustrated. At least three times in the last week, the app has crashed mid-game causing me to lose a life. Of course, Murphy's law always kicks has to be a level I've been working on for a while, break down and use a booster in, and am finally getting close to winning. This has never been an issue until recently.

the neon bright colors are distracting to me. othrwise, its a good game. wish i could move on to more difficult levels without having to do the easier ones first. my high level was lost when i stopped playing for a few weeks, so i had to start over. the earlier ones are pretty boring for seasoned players. couldn't this issue be addressed and then re-p6ogramed?

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🏠 Bored at home? Have a blast matching cookies & candy in fun match 3 games! 🎊 - Join in on the fun with this exciting new update, fun levels, and more!
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