Introducing CookBook – a sophisticated recipe manager for all your culinary needs! With CookBook, you can organize and store your favorite recipes in one convenient location. It allows you to easily search for recipes, add ingredients to your shopping list, and even create meal plans. CookBook also provides recipe recommendations based on your dietary preferences and can help you discover new dishes to try. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, CookBook is the perfect companion for all your cooking adventures. Try it today and elevate your culinary skills!

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Detailed and intuitive if you spend time looking around the app! I only have one issue after the most recent update where the app used to recognize a copied link right away and offer to import it. Now, it only does whenever I have to switch back and forth, or just import it manually with the website link. I find that really annoying since it used to automatically see new copied links right away. The rest of the app has been good and I'm just now discovering the shopping list and meal planning!

I've tried pretty much all the recipe database apps, and this is the one I keep coming back to. It's the best and most competitive for doing ALL of what I need: easy importing, planning scaled down recipes, and creating shopping lists, if maybe it isn't the best at every individual task. The others all lack something that drives me back here. I had some complaints, but the recent update fixed nearly every one of them. I only have one current annoyance: I wish I could disable haptic feedback.

I paid for the upgrade and have been disappointed since. When copying via a url,measurements do not always come out right; seems the app wants to put numbers in front of items sometimess, so I'm always having to go back to the internet site to check them. I don't bother contacting the programmer, because last time I did, I did not get a solution to another problem. NOW, the "improved" shopping cart is only made to take items from recipes; I can't have an editable, independent list.

Overall, I think this is my favorite recipe manager. I wanted a simple, straightforward app for storing my own recipes and easily copying recipes from other sites. The supporting web app is awesome and recipe importer has been flawless so far. My only complaint is the layout of recipes. I'm not in love with the "tabbed" design for ingredients and instructions, I think I'd rather have a more linear/scrolling view for reading recipes. I'd love to see some other view options in the future.

The versatility of app is great. If it cannot scrape the information from the recipe site. You can manually add. The plus is being able to access on a desktop, which makes copy and pasting so much easier. Once saved on app using desktop, it'll sync to your chosen device once you open app. I use a tablet, easier to read with bigger screen. I'm using the free 40 and is great. I'm at 37 recipes at the moment and once I reach the 40 threshold, I won't hesitate the lifetime purchase.

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All-in-one recipe keeper & organiser, import, plus meal planner & shopping lists • Minor bug fixes for shopping lists and images
• Quick Pinning
• Linked Recipes
• Direct Shopping Add
• Shopping List Redesign, with AI
• Nutrition Visuals
• Recipe State Management
• Cooking Voice Commands
• Find Untagged Recipes
• Cross-Device Syncing of Shopping Lists
• Enhancements, Bug Fixes & Much More!

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