Construction Simulator 3 is a simulation game where you have to construct buildings and structures. You can? Depends on your efforts! Start the game now to try the construction machines and try to lay your first foundation.

Explore the area where you have to build something, choose the technique and act fast! Realistic graphics, physics and animation – everything that makes you enter this virtual world. Don’t hesitate! Install and enjoy the game online.

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vCFZJa5K9Nc February 8, 2023 374
ESwFAMcxIQ6j February 20, 2023 684
FSJv6ejBT4 February 17, 2023 961
43DbTI8RLVE March 17, 2023 153
1lN6nkZgvLB January 23, 2023 270

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The graphics and layout is really cool, but the handling/function of vehicles are very difficult to use. I even tried adjusting the steering sensitivity but it didn't help at all. I also ran into glitches such as the entire screen going black for a couple of seconds in the middle of an action (driving, digging, paving). Overall, I was excited to try the next chapter in CS, but I was pretty disappointed. I'll just have to go back to CS2.

Not bad at all, since install i have played this game a lot. But the steering function is awful and no option to change it, if your fingers is not on it correctly it changes your view. A steering wheel option would be good. I have notice when you are completely stopped in any vehicle on a flat surface the vehicle slides sideways on its own, also you can reset the truck and it would go airborne 😆 3 stars for now. Whats with the mirror inside the trucks lol .Not bad on Note 10 plus.

!!!!THIS GAME HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED SINCE 2019!!!! Only complaints are that it gets a bit boring at the lower levels since there's a whopping 2 different contracts to pick and choose from. However the big problem is other's claims of a loading grid bug. I personally haven't had this bug yet but I'll update this if I do or they fix it. However it gets less likely they'll do anything about it by the minute due to the last update being in 2019. Stay away unless they fix it or greatly drop the price.

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Construction Simulator 3 returns to Europe! Fixed multiple problems resulting in crashes

Name Construction Simulator 3
Version 1.2
Price FREE
Rating 3.8 (13687 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 17, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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