Combat Soldier – The Polygon is a dynamic action game with elements of a shooter and a military strategy game in which you will take part in heated battles alone or with a team of comrades-in-arms. Gather a squad equipped with cool weapons and destroy enemies with well-aimed headshots. You have access to a huge arsenal of all kinds of weapons and a lot of cards. Take advantage of the terrain for ambushing and apply different strategies designed for each type of map. Upgrade your character’s combat skills and abilities and defeat your opponents. The game received high-quality graphics, dynamic gameplay, a large selection of weapons and many unique locations.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
qiI7U6WT5KQ January 26, 2023 155
lKLEthcokzsH December 15, 2022 580
JPHDXcQKpZ January 12, 2023 960
hUB7rmcZndF December 21, 2022 716
VNyWxwHrTl0 January 9, 2023 412

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This game is so bad, im the ads it slowed that we could lean in the game, but we can't. But wait there's more!! You can't customize your control's, its always auto fire. Not much settings in the game, bad maps. Too many ads, every time the round ends a ad pops up. Pay to win. Did I mention you can't lean im the game like it showed in the ads. There are bugs. The game is not even challenging. There's only 2 game modes. And last but not least....Its a bad game because all of these problems.

The gameplay was smooth and simple. But I suggest creating an option where players can edit their own controls to where their comfortable playing with. The matchmaking is horrible, I get matched with bots and only one real player on the enemy team. Overall nice game but could be better.

Awesome 👍🏾😎 just love 💕😘 the game it's the best ever shooting game I've ever played on the playstore really am not exaggerating this, I've been looking for a offline shooting game and I couldn't find one but after such a long search I found this incredible game, please keep this game on both offline and online, because some times in other countries were there's no free wifi it can be impossible to play online games, like my country.really appreciate the work done on this game.

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Combat Soldier – The Polygon Tier List

- Add AD Package
- Add Offline Play
- Improved Match
- Bot Balance Update

Name Combat Soldier – The Polygon
Version 0.30
Price FREE
Rating 3.9 (1786 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 3, 2022
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