Color by Number: Coloring Game is a great relaxing art game where you can have a fun and rewarding time creating modern art pieces. There are many categories of coloring pages available for every taste: world-famous characters, flowers, emotions, animals, mandalas, and puzzles. In addition to images using ordinary shades, there are colorful gradient pictures and unique wallpapers for your screen that you can color with your hands. Choose the picture you like and touch the color palette by following the numbers. Create real works of art and share your success with friends and family.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
1AZ5vtRMVpf March 5, 2023 575
4pD9reaYKcwt March 27, 2023 237
6c7j0xHJ9V March 8, 2023 868
aAK7bv8fEQS March 27, 2023 711
Fka4lrN2O1t February 18, 2023 509

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This is game is quite fun and at times can be really relaxing! Along with a great way to pass time. The only issue are the ads, most of the time when you click on a new painting; it gives you an ad. When you finish; it gives you ad, luckily you can skip most of them at times. But it just slowly turns annoying after awhile. Otherwise, great game!

Fun but achievements are confusing. Well one of them is. One achievent is for coloring 11 different categories. But I've colored 15 categories and it is still stuck at 10 and I have no idea what it wants. Other than that and that there should be a search button for things you want to color though, its very satisfying and fun, and there are a lot of really cool pictures. And anywhere from beginner pictures to really hard ones, and being able to take your own photos makes this game great.

Good for artist. If you have art block but just want to create or do something with your hands it's wonderful. The quality is not bad and even the ads aren't as bad as they are on other apps. The percentage bar with three hints that you have to watch an ad for is a bit annoying and I think the difficulty level should be higher when inserting your own image but otherwise no complaints.

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Pixel art painting game book. 3D Sandbox drawing adult sketchbook paint game. Minor bug fixes

Name Color by Number: Coloring Game
Version 3.7
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (139224 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 28, 2023
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