Color Bump 3D is an addictive arcade game that, at first glance, looks simple: you need to break white geometric shapes with a white ball, directing it to the left or right and avoiding obstacles.

And so all 100 levels, which, of course, become more complicated: from multi-colored stripes to complex architectural structures. Easy to understand, but difficult to master! The trick is that the cubes and pyramids of a different color for some reason do not want to touch your ball and immediately send you to the beginning of the level. It’s a shame. After all, everyone wants to be in the top lines of the rating table.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
MERurVdsJ28 March 29, 2023 189
TqnAGEb6riF8 March 10, 2023 337
Tdw7gFRYp6 February 23, 2023 678
1CPy4kljvXg February 23, 2023 509
dXxBsc5kYva February 2, 2023 492

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I got this app on my phone, and the first day I loved it! No ads, kinda hard levels. The next day im happy to play one of me new "favorite games" After every level; (even if I beat one or not) There would be a 30 second unskippable ad. I had to delete it, and I was on stage 81! Then I just kept getting annoyed; so I deleted it. I know you could just turn off your wifi. But it gets really annoying when you have to turn it back on once your done.

It is a great game and I love it. Though the ads ruin it. there are way to many ads. Even if I click "No Thanks" it will still give me an ad. In that case I may as well if just watched the ad for the dang boost! At the end of each play, whether I fail or complete, there is almost guaranteed an ad. Please make it to where there are less ads and then I would consider reinstalling. To me there is no point in watching a bunch of ads and play a couple mini games here and there.

It was addicting/fun at first. But then after a while it just kept repeating the same 10 levels over and over. Everybody is complaining about the ads, but really they aren't that bad. There are 2 types of ads in the game: the ads that play at regular intervals, and the ads you opt into for a reward (i.e. to continue a level). The first type is only a few seconds long and then you can skip the rest. The second type is usually 30 seconds long and you cannot skip.

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Bump Up the Jam! NEW UPDATE

-New Levels
-New Themes
-Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

Name Color Bump 3D
Version 5300012
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (680567 ratings)
Category Codes
Update February 2, 2023
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