Colectivo Coffee is a unique coffee shop nestled in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Colectivo sources its coffee beans directly from farmers around the world, ensuring fair trade practices. Their artisanal roasting process brings out the rich flavors and aromas, resulting in a truly exceptional cup of coffee. Whether you prefer a classic espresso or a specialty latte, Colectivo has something to satisfy every coffee lover’s palate. Stop by and experience the warm and inviting atmosphere that Colectivo Coffee has to offer.

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I will frequently have my order completed and then it gives me an error that says return to Cafe selection (ie step 1). Changing the cafe or reordering doesn't help. You are just SOL. It seems totally random. The company has lost hundreds of dollars of business from me personally because of this. When it works it's great, but utterly disappointing when it doesn't.

In my experience, this app is hardly worth using. There are SO many issues with it. I hate that I HAVE to turn my GPS on to find a cafe instead of being able to manually search for it myself, and I hate that if the cafe isn't open yet it just finds no results instead of showing you it's there but not open. Finally, the map breaks if your phone is in a language other than English, because the map is in the other language; the app then becomes useless because the map is unable to find any cafes.

App worked fine the first time I used it. Disappointed I couldn't just pay with a card rather than loading some other system which of course can only be charged in purposefully imprecise increments to ensure you always have a little bit of money already spent here. Shady. Trying to use app again (because of course I might as well with the bit left on there) and now the app consistently crashes after I added something to the cart. Keep the change, I guess.

love the interface but so many bugs. First, I am never able to order curbside anymore because the "I'm here" button always throws me an error code, or I exit out of the window and there is NO WAY to get back to it! more customizations with drink items would be nice too. other than that it's a great app!

Over the course of completing an order for 1 item, the app forcibly closed 3 times, notifying that this was because the app had a bug. Nothing improved after clearing the cache. When I finally got the app to hold up long enough to enter my card information, despite choosing the "pay with card" option the app still required that I load up a cash balance with a $10 minimum (My order total was less than this.) Why even offer a "pay with card" alternative to the cash balance if it doesn't work?

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Order Ahead. Earn Points. Redeem for Drinks & Coffee. Pay With Your Phone. We've improved your ordering experience with all NEW photos of your favorite Colectivo drinks, food & bakery, along with a few behind-the-scenes tweaks and improvements:

• Redeem your Rewards Points easier at checkout
• Find nearby Colectivo cafes quicker on the decluttered map
• Overall design enhancements and some tidying up

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