Coin Master is a popular mobile game that combines strategy, luck, and adventure. Players spin a virtual slot machine to earn coins, attack other players’ villages, and protect their own from raids. The goal is to build the strongest village possible and become the ultimate Coin Master. The game offers a wide range of exciting features, including the ability to join clans and participate in epic battles. With its addictive gameplay and wide community, Coin Master has become a top choice for mobile gamers worldwide.

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1aCj2vNn108January 2, 2024
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vTzVeQNRW617December 23, 2023
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1jEHpqrONk232December 5, 2023

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Coin Master Tier List

The reward for completing a village is terrible, especially the more you advance. Coin Up/Duel - I would like the option to participate. One of the games says "let me rest" I click on it and it will find me an opponent anyway. Vine Adventure (?) not enjoyable anymore because of the point system. Pop-ups - I understand that the developers would like to make money, but I wish they didn't pop up every time you ran out of spins. Maybe a little less frequent. Overall - Love game.

The higher you bet the less you win. The game seems to freeze up when you are close to reaching the next set of spins. It is impossible to reach the top tiers without buying into the game. When the game starts a new series, hammers for example, it doesn't show hammers for a long time. It barely let's you make it to the next set of free spins. App is freezing up and I have to restart it. It takes away special bonuses.

I quickly became addicted to this game. I don't like the fact of having to steal coins or "raid" from my friends. There should be a button that allows you to change it like there's one for the attacks. There are other great bonus options. However, there are too many pop ups which prevents getting any of 'popping the balloons'. But the game is still fun. Still addictive

I love ❤️ this game! It's very addictive. I would love to see a new feature add where the leader of the team can see who gives spins and cards to the members. Also, there needs to be added space on the Info Tab to provide more information and rules for the team. I would like to see a feature added where you can actually give your teammates some of your spins. I would love to see the Team Castle Tournament go away or edited so it can be much easier to complete.

Its an ok game for passing time. The constant and redundant pop ups when switching from village to spins is very annoying and wastes time when I just want to check in and play. There's always 4 to 6 of them to close out of, completely unnecessary. Show me once and add the bubble to the side of screen or a spot in the menu instead. Don't keep popping up.

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