Cocktail Flow is a popular mobile app that provides users with a wide variety of drink recipes. Whether you’re hosting a party or just want to relax with a refreshing beverage, Cocktail Flow has got you covered. With an extensive collection of cocktails, this app offers step-by-step instructions on how to make each drink. From classic cocktails like martinis to unique concoctions like mojito variations, there’s something for everyone. So, shake things up and impress your friends with your bartending skills using Cocktail Flow!

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When i first downloaded the app, i thought it was the best $20 i ever spent. In addition to cocktail recipes, it tracked what i have on hand and suggested drinks from that. It also let me track my own variations on the beverages. Then, about one or two months in, the app got very glitchy. It wouldn't let me add any more drinks. It just kept dumping me back to the start page whenever I did. I emailed support and got absolutely no response. The best $20 i ever spent turns out to be a ripoff.

The lack of an ability to filter for cocktails that you can make ruins the utility of this otherwise amazing app. There is no good reason for the "cocktails by ingredient/strength/color/era" and "cocktails I can make" to be separate lists. By separating them, the utility of both are ruined. If you decide, "I want to make something strong with rum tonight" you need to flip back and forth between the two views (3 clicks apart) and scan both lists with your eyeballs to find a match

The app looks good, I like the option to check the ingredients I have and get recipes out of that... That's what I was looking for. But there are almost no fruit liqueurs at all so I get just a handful of possible recipes. Devs: check Cusenier's liquors! There are over a dozen different flavors. Also, what about a search option for ingredients, I didn't see it. The categories list is nice but a bit long. Think that this app is used worldwide and not all the brands in the list are available.

I am a long time user of this app and I like it very much. I recently subscribed to Premium to be able to save custom recipes. My only gripe with the 'My Cocktails' feature that you cannot really choose from the ingredient collection of the app, you have to write down everything in plain text. Also there isn't an option to add equipments needed for the recipe. If the developers read this, please add these features.

Overall great app, I like the idea, and I don't mind the pay wall like many people here. However, when introducing a pay wall, please fix all the bugs.. I have already lost my list of favourite cocktails twice, and the app often crashes, or shows variable names instead of actual ingredients. Would easily give it 5 stars if these issues are fixed.

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#1 Cocktail App! Discover cocktail recipes in a way you never experienced before ● Introducing ml measurement unit!
● Introducing Cocktail Books section in Assistant - Check out our most beloved books we are using to pick the best recipes for You
● Smaller improvements and fixes to keep the app smooth and fresh

PS #1 - We are eager to hear your feedbacks - drop us a line anytime if you have an idea what you would like to see in the app - [email protected]

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