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CNBC: Business & Stock News Coupon reviews

Still having ads talk over the top of the TV shows. It seems like something called "REAL TIME INSIGHTS " is more important to here than your actual TV program. What changed. I never used to have this issue. Now it is happening all of the time. I have un-installed and re-installed the app. Shut my phone down and re-started. Nothing I do on my end seems to help. Impossible to listen to with both sources talking at the same time.

Think it is good if it is reliable. In the past versions, it lost my watchlists more than once. The news on watchlists for individual stocks is of little use. If those 2 issues were fixed, it would be killer. It seems to be stable now. no issues with lists disappearing. If the news feature on individual stocks in watchlists were better, it would be truly complete. That is the key, real time company specific news. Waiting for that. Still enjoying , but still waiting.

The after hours quotes when red is over the blue is very hard to read. Otherwise very good app. But recently a few of my stock lists have gone haywire regarding A-Z. I reset A-Z but a few seconds later alphabetization goes out the window. Update. 4/2. After taking the time to redo my stock lists, a real pain, it has happened again. FIX IT! Update 4/6. "Contact customer care thru the app." I did that last time and got nowhere.

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