climb! AMiYP Free – Climbing is waiting for you, with the help of this game you can conquer the top, but do not think that it will be very easy. You have to learn how to control your hero in order to make the ascent simple.

Different buttons will be responsible for the hands of your hero, including your character will be able to jump, swing, use pushes, grab different stones in order to be able to climb a mountain. But you have to be as careful as possible, one wrong move and you are already flying down, then you have to start all over again and move up from the base camp. You have to find the most optimal way to climb.

Active Climb! AMiYP VIP Codes

IjUNfuxxxxx Get

- Gold x3952K, Gems x417, Coins x94326

erMZ8sxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x371, Money x96427, Resources x8269K

Climb! AMiYP Codes

List of Climb! AMiYP Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
sfZu0AE7j4xJune 4, 2023477
YT2aWAcbR1eZJuly 30, 2023528
FjD2i1GU0nJuly 2, 2023392
Su4ZPFONXpCJuly 14, 2023917
nm2R8eczjMkJune 7, 2023189

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Climb! AMiYP Tier List

I like the concept of this game. It's challenging enough to keep you entertained for long periods of time, but not frustrating enough to make you never want to play it again - it's the Goldilocks of Bennett Foddy's "Getting Over It." My only concerns with it are some of the mechanics. Your momentum when you swing isn't consistent, and your horizontal speed tapers off as you move through the air, which makes it hard to plan your jumps. Otherwise, fun game!

This is a good game. Challenging enough where you always feel like you're struggling, but rewarding and fun to improve at. Idk what ppl are saying abt the controls not working or being janky, but I've never had an issue with controls or hitboxes. There are ads, but they're placed fairly, with one only every couple of times you fall, and they can be closed within a couple seconds. Definitely recommend.

Kind of enjoyable, but it didn't seem like there's a way to make tiredness go down and it goes up even if you're sitting still, which creates a bar to progress. And there's no really good tiredness gauge (just a number of breath marks, which is pretty vague). And any jumps will almost certainly increase tiredness, and jumps are sometimes necessary. Maybe there's a way to deal with this, but the dev should make it more clear.

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Climb! AMiYP Wiki

Climb using two buttons, improve your skill, and reach as high as you can. -improved performance
-bug fixes

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